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The strategy of “overtaking” was invented a hundred years ago, but it still has not lost its popularity. It was born in the casino, but has been successfully transferred to sports betting. Many bettors in general believe that in sports strategy “overtaking” works better than in the casino. This strategy is also commonly referred to as the “illusion of riches”, implying that it is a win-win and therefore can bring fabulous riches. In theory, the “Catch-up” strategy works absolutely win-win, but in practice things are different. Everyone is free to determine whether this strategy is suitable for him. Before we jump to conclusions, let’s understand what a “overtake” strategy consists of and what factors influence its success.

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The essence of the strategy is to bet on high odds and wait until the bet turns out to be winning. If the first bet turned out to be a loser, the amount of subsequent bets is gradually increased so that the resulting winnings cover all previous losses. The duration of the expectation of profit is not limited. Rather, it will depend on the capital, which has a player, for if your capital ends, you simply do not wait for a win, and all the money will be lost. The cycle ends when the player makes a profit.

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If we consider the strategy “overtake” in general example, it would look as follows. For example, the bettor bets on a draw. If the first bet loses, then he should bet again on the draw, increasing the bet amount so that as a result to overlap the losses and stay in profit. If the second bet also loses, bet a third time, a fourth time, and so on until the draw occurs. Even a general view of this strategy makes it clear that a good capital is needed to achieve the result, because waiting for the profit may have to wait a very long time. The amount of winnings will depend on the initial bet and the odds, as well as generally on the financial capabilities of the bettor. However, in this case, the question arises: is the strategy worth investing so much money?

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In this case, the “catch-up” of a particular series of bets is carried out. According to the player, it should end soon. This strategy is most suitable for competitions in soccer. Suppose a certain “A” team plays several matches in a row and there is no such outcome as a draw. However, according to our knowledge such results are pure chance, and previously the team “A” was not distinguished by the regularity of the outcomes. On a draw in a match involving this team is given odds of 3.0. Let’s bet on the draw, for example. 10 dollars and thus begin the series of add-ons. If the bet wins and team “A” played a draw, the bettor will receive a net win of $20. In this case, a new team will be required for the next bet.

If the bet loses, the series of add-ons continues. The next bet makes $20 to cover the previous winnings and get a net profit of $30. And so on, until the bet turns out to be winning. In principle, such a strategy seems to be a win-win, because sooner or later the draw will still come, if the bettor has enough money to continue the game. But there is another point that can fail the “overtake”. This is the betting limits at the bookmakers. If you have exhausted the limit and the catch-up has not yet occurred, the entire “operation” is doomed to failure.

In order to count on “overtaking” at least for 70-80%, you need to calculate the sum so that the limit is reached after at least 8-9 iterations, otherwise you risk to be on the losing side before the “overtaking” is done.

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This type of strategy differs from the previous one in that we will catch up over a longer distance. Thus, the betting cycle does not end with the first win. Catching up can be, say, until the end of the championship. Experienced players do exactly that, and even try to combine one-time and global crawls, as a result of which the profit can proportionally increase.

Factors affecting the winnings

At first glance, it would seem that the strategy of “addon” is suitable even for beginners: just bet on any event and wait until the bet wins. But even here, it is not so simple. If you just bet and “wait by the weather”, you may not wait for a profit. The bookmaker’s limit will simply eat up all your efforts. As in any strategy, you also need to have at least the most basic information to make the right choice of bet. Also on the success of the add-on can affect the following factors:

  • The object of the strategy. Most often make bets on draws or totals. Wins and losses are less common, because if a team has lost 5-6 times in a row, it is unlikely on the sixth or seventh time it will win. In this case, the odds will be insignificant, so there is no point in playing anymore.
  • The subject of the strategy. The subject is the team on which you are going to bet. Don’t be careless: spend some time studying the statistics and the peculiarities of the team you are supposed to bet on, in order to make the right choice.
  • The moment you start the catch-up. In this case, you will have to spend a lot of time to study the opponent’s influence and the team’s calendar. Don’t spare any effort: with the right approach, they will pay off many times over.
  • Calculating the bets and winnings. When calculating the amounts of bets, think of the worst, i.e. mentally prepare for the fact that the catch-up will have to be carried out for a very long time. In order not to lose the bank in a short time, the bet amount should be insignificant.

Thus, the strategy “overtake” only at first glance seems very simple. In fact, it is quite relaxed, and to correctly calculate the bets and choose a team will require a lot of strength and skill. Therefore, beginners should not hope for a quick enrichment: they will have to work hard and take risks before they get the winnings.


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